On this page you can access the team’s interviews and the latest news regarding the Fund:

  • In May 2018,  Rodrigo Coelho talks to Thiago Otuki, economist of  Clube FII to give updates about the Fund. Click here to watch it. (portuguese only)
  • After the closing of the 4th Quota Issuance, Rodrigo Coelho participated on another interview for TETZNER. Click here to watch it. (portuguese only)
  • On December 1st. 2017, Rodrigo Coelho participated on an interview with Professor Arthur Vieira de Moraes at Infomoney TV. Click here to access (portuguese only)
  • In January 2018,  Thiago Otuki from Clube FII interviewed Rodrigo Coelho. Click here to watch it.
  • In November, Rodrigo Coelhoe and Érica Souza participated on an interview for TETZNER. Click here to check it. (portuguese ontly)